A Map to a Wondrous Year!

Overwhelmed by being data driven?
Tired of the standards push down?
Need a spark of hope?
Need a plan?

I have a secret weapon!

And I am so ready to share it!
Every summer I spend time creating the following school year.

What may surprise you is that I do not create my school year starting with  the benchmarks and standards.

Oh no.

The standards and benchmarks support my personal passions.  Not the other way around.  

Imagine teaching YOUR WAY and having a your administrator supporting you?

Imagine having a curriculum map that provided evidence of the standards and benchmarks for anyone who asked? 

Map your passion!

I create my curriculum map from the world of my personal inspiration and intention as a teacher!

 In this e-course I am going to share with you how I set up my year based on my very own values and passions in teaching AND provide a document that gives my principal peace of mind.

Eliminate stress & Pressure

I really believe that masterful teaching is born out of finding what lights you up as a teacher and integrating everything you do in your teaching though these precious passions.

What has surprised me through my teaching career is that it really makes a huge difference to create my teaching newly each year.
Each year is a new creation.
This course will include:

  • 20 detailed videos that hand hold you through each step of creating your curriculum map.

  • A comprehensive workbook to use as you move through the course

  • Receive a download of each presentation.

  • Step-by-step instructions.

  • How to map using the Common Core Standards (any standards for that matter)

  • A 20 hour professional development certificate!




This process gives you a
roadmap for the year.  

No more late nights
creating tomorrow's lesson plan.


What to expect:


In the first module, we will dive deep into what really matters to you as a teacher.  This lays the foundation for your map.  

Detailed instructions on how to create your personal manual for the
2016-2017 school year.


At this stage of the process I will guide you through setting up the instructional roadmap.  I will show you how to do this easily online or by hand for those of you who prefer to do this without a computer.


Oh Yeah!  I am the Super Cop of My Map!
This is where the process gets fun!  We will infuse our maps with what really matters (based on the work we began in Module One).  I will show you how to create weekly lesson plans based on your map.



Putting It All Together for a Rocking Year!
Finally, I will share some of the most important things to keep front and center during your year as you use the curriculum mapping process.  How to use your calendar and time to your advantage.


In this bonus session - I will share a process I use for taking care of my teaching spirit.

This online e-course will show you how to map out your year completely aligned with your state or country's standards and learning objectives without giving up your soul.  Yup!  This is curriculum mapping with soul. 

  • a complete set of curriculum mapping downloads - Fillable PDF'S
  • an "at a glance" step-by-step mapping guide
  • a free download of tabs to create a physical curriculum/lesson plan notebook
  •  powerful curriculum planning tools to set and reach your teaching goals
  •  powerful curriculum planning tools to set and reach your teaching goals

Questions & Answers

Will this course help me plan my entire school year for all subjects or in just one?

    Traditionally, a teacher begins planning the year by looking at the scope and sequence of learning to be delivered.  What, when and how are the three big aims.  In this course you will take a new view on planning.  You will begin the process with the question that actually fuels everything - why.   When you know to the marrow of your bones what you are committed to at the deepest levels - then putting the what, when and how in place is not only easy but powerful.  

    So YES!  You can plan your entire school year for all subjects or just chose one.  It is totally up to you.  This is a dynamic blueprint that can be used at any level of education and in any circumstance.

Is the e-course more aimed at the school sector?

     This course is aimed at all people who work with children ages infant through high school in public, private, home - wherever there is the task of educating.  

Is it possible to do this course without a 'class' in mind?

    Absolutely.  The course begins with you and who you are in the matter of education.  It is a deeply inspiring and creative inquiry that will surprise and delight you.  I wish I had had this course before going into teaching the first time.   

Is there an age range you have in mind for this course?

     No.  This course, as I said before, is applicable to all ages.  It is almost hard to comprehend how to create your year without all the traditional stuff.  This is a revolutionary approach about educators taking back the power.