Challenging & Difficult Children

Proven Strategies to Diffuse & Refocus
Children with Challenging Behaviors

What am I going to do
with this kid?

It’s nearly mid-year, and I bet you are wringing your hands over at least one child in your classroom.  And as the start of the second half of the school year gets set to begin, you are worrying, “What am I going to do with this kid?”

When you are faced with these “extra” challenges in managing classroom behavior, it’s only natural to…

~Second-guess your teaching abilities.
~Feel overwhelmed  to manage the classroom.
~Feel a total lack of self-confidence.

If you are exhausted trying to figure out what to do with the difficult behaviors in your class, and dreading the return to school because of it… boy o’ boy do I have I got the course for you!

Learn the four main archetypes of misbehavior!

In this course you will:

Peel back the layers to understanding challenging behaviors. We will look to the most effective methods of managing a child with challenging behaviors while keeping the rest of the children on task.

  • Learn the Four Basic Types of Triggered Thoughts – your access to finding solutions that really work.

  • Discover the four main archetypes of challenging behaviors and how to address each one’s unique discipline needs.

  • Learn the latest and most current strategies for working with challenging and difficult behaviors in the classroom.

  • Learn my “DNA” of misbehavior – a breakthrough method of decoding misbehavior!

  • Learn how to deal with hyper active, Autism, ADHD, OCD and ODD and more!

  • Uncover a foundation of tools to use in 9 comprehensive modules.

Pack your teaching bag full with highly effective strategies and skills for managing difficult behaviors.

Get a handle on what is really going on with challenging behaviors.



Inside the course:

Module One: The Basics

~Learn my “DNA” of misbehavior – a breakthrough method of decoding misbehavior ~Learn the Four Basic Types of Triggered Thoughts – your access to finding solutions that really work
~ Learn the Function of Misbehavior!!

Module Two: The Hardware

~ A deeper understanding of the areas of the brain and the impact on behavior
~ A conceptualized framework to see the play of misbehavior inside brain science

Module Three: Impulsive

~Find out how brain science and a new view of impulsive children gives you brand new strategies for dealing with students who are "all over hte place!"
~Learn my best methods for keep these students on track.

Module Four: The Inattentive

~Learn how you can see these children newly and get them focused and on task!
~I will share my toolkit of strategies and more!

Module Five: OCD

~Learn how this disorder can show up in the classroom.
~Discover the best known tips and tricks for helping children with OCD.

Module Six: Oppositional Defiance Disorder

~Learn my personal system for helping a child with ODD calm down and keep safe.
~I will share my personal toolkit from the trenches.

Module Seven: Autism

~I will take you step-by-step into my approach and the proven methods that have made all the difference!

Module Eight: Aspergers

~I will share with you my personal toolkit of strategies - practical and workable NOW.

Module Nine: The Teacher

~Become a ninja teacher by understanding your own behavior and how it may be hurting your efforts with the children you are working with.


  • Modules 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • A print-out of all slides
  • Easy to use worksheets & Guides
  • 10 hours of Professional Development
    ~ Lifetime access!!!


Questions & AnSWERS

I have never participated in an e-course before. Will I have to be on-line at a certain time or will there be flexibility?

This is such a great question.  The coolest thing about an e-course is the flexibility to take the course on your own time and pace.  You do not have to be online at a certain time.   While the modules will be posted by noon on their release dates – you can pop in and view them when it works for you.  AND you will have three months of access to the course materials.

Will you give a certificate of completion when finished?

I have a simple certificate process.  I require that you post a response on each module.  I will give a 10-hour certificate for this course when you have met this simple requirement.