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the real issue in classroom management. . .

A colleague in Ohio was suffering from lot of misguided advice around her classroom management issues.  She had a "tribe" of 5 kids who ran wild.  They would pack together and gleefully disobey her.   

"Try this technique," a colleauge would tell her.  And the technique never worked.  She was open to suggestions.  


She was begging for solutions.

But here's the thing.  Her technique was not the real issue.

A Revolutionary new classroom management strategy:

Recently I shared the 90/10 principle to classroom management effectiveness.  If you missed it - a big myth about classroom management is that it is the strategy that produces the results.  

Let me let you in on a little secret...

In reality, it is your mindset, disposition, body language, authority dimensions, tone . . . . . when delivering the strategy that impacts whether it is effective or not.

Mojo is not a strategy

I remember the first time I really got the truth of classroom mojo.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was not a technique.

It was not a strategy.

It was a distinct shift of perspective.

And . . . . . it was totally teachable.

Ready to own your classroom. . .

Let’s do this!

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the modules:

Here is a peek. . .
into some of what you will learn in this course:


In this first module we dive right into one of the most important principles of Classroom Management - the 90/10 Principle.  
You will learn your personal teaching style and how it might be impacting the behaviors in your classroom.


In the second module I give you the full access to the little known "Ladder of Authority."   You will learn your personal teaching style and how it fits together with your discipline style and authority composite.  


The third module is a powerhouse as we dive deeper into bringing your personal AUTHORITY front and center.  Learn little known techniques that take you to the next level of confidence.  You will learn the secret behind the Law of Proximity.


In Module Four we will begin to bring passion into the picture as we uncover what really matters in the classroom.  And more importantly, what outcome you are committed to having in your classroom management.  What you find out might surprise you.  This is the turning point - owning your authentic discipline style in the classroom.   This is where your authority goes to the next level.


In Module Five and Six - I reveal the most important truth that the other classroom management systems fail to tell you.   And it is a game changer.  I give you everything you need to understand and use the Energy Map and Rule of Focus to manage the difficult behaviors in your classroom.    I also give you access to the secret behind the Mirror Neuron Effect and how you can use it to regain your classroom in high stress.


In Module Seven you receive the Four Dimensions of Power.  This is the last place teachers look to deal with difficult classrooms and often has the biggest results for your time and effort!!!!  In this module I am going to get serious with you about what might be creating upheaval in your personal teaching mojo.  We will look at each element indepth so you can see how you can restore your power.


The actionable worksheets in this module support and guide you to making significant and lasting changes in how you deal with upsets, exhaustion and a loss of power.  This module is your how-to guide for getting back to your power!  


Learn the power of  body language and the 7 Keys. I will show you how to embody authority and confidence.  This module is worth the cost of the course.  You will what you should never do in the classroom!  And how to correct innocent mistakes!


We will conclude the first course in the Mastery Series with a brand new groundbreaking discovery of what alters the playing field.  Hold on tight!  It is wildly effective.  


Clarity and Structure Training Course.  



Let's get that good ole' teaching mojo flowing!

  • 10 packed modules
  • Worksheets & Resources
  • Download of Presentation
  • 10 hours Professional Development

    Clarity & Structure e-course

Questions & Answers

I have never participated in an e-course before. Will I have to be on-line at a certain time or will there be flexibility?

This is such a great question.  The coolest thing about an e-course is the flexibility to take the course on your own time and pace.  You do not have to be online at a certain time.   While the modules will be posted by noon on their release dates – you can pop in and view them when it works for you.  AND you will have lifetime access to the course materials.

I teach children in middle school.  Would this help me?

Yes!  This is the foundation to authority and confidence at any age level!!  


Will you give a certificate of completion when finished?

I have a simple certificate process.  I require that you post a response on each module.  I will give a 10-hour certificate for this course when you have met this simple requirement.